Undergrad Scholarships

Recognizing the achievements of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity undergraduates is one of the primary objectives for the UCSD NAK Alumni Association. The Alumni Association has established the UCSD NAK AA Scholarship Fund, which serves the purpose of rewarding excellence. The scholarships will be given to individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to NAK’s three primary goals: Academics, Brotherhood and Culture. The applications period usually occurs from April to May each year. The winners are announced during the annual Alumni Games.

Please see the link below for eligibility criteria, applications details, and instructions.

UCSD NAK Alumni Association Scholarship (DOC IS MISSING)

Alumni Workshops

The Alumni Association Professional Workshops is a new tradition that began in 2009. As alumni, we are distinguished in that we have survived through our undergraduate careers and moved forward to greater challenges in our professional and personal lives. Naturally, the knowledge and experience we have gained along the way are still relevant when shared with current undergraduates and fellow alumni who are experiencing the same challenges. This event is an avenue to share those experiences in a professional setting among peers we naturally trust. It is yet another means to fulfill our mission of guiding the undergraduate chapter and maintaining a strong alumni network as many. Some topics that have been covered at past workshops include:

  • resume building
  • graduate school preparation
  • protecting credit
  • investing/retirement planning
  • networking

Alumni Games

The Alumni Games are an annual tradition that has been held in conjunction as the undergraduate chapter since 2002. This event features a barbeque and three-sport tournament – softball, basketball, and a third tie-breaker sport – between the alumni and undergraduates usually held around the weekend of UCSD’s Sun God Festival in May. While the sports are competitive, the nature of the event is very laid back and is an opportunity for alumni to connect with the undergraduates in a social atmosphere. For most of the alumni, this event is viewed as an annual reunion, as UCSD NAK alumni make the trip from all over the country to attend the event. Family members are also encouraged to attend activities available for wives and children. The last few years, attendance the Alumni Games has averaged around 50-60 NAK alumni and undergraduates and close to 100 people when including guests and family members.

Family Picnic

One of our pillars as a fraternal organization is to uphold the values of brotherhood. As a result, many members of Nu Alpha Kappa come to call NAK their extended “familia” or “home away from home.” For many alumni, this concept evolves a step further as they start their own families. The annual Family Picnic is a late summer tradition that began in 2008 that further celebrates the notion of family. Unlike other AA events, this event primarily focuses on the spouses and children. This is a potluck-style barbecue with activities and sports to engage the whole family. Activities in the past have included volleyball, water balloon toss, and tug-of-war competitions.

Turkey Bowl

The Turkey Bowl is another annual event held in conjunction with the undergraduate chapter, typically the weekend before Thanksgiving. The Turkey Bowl features a barbeque and three way football tournament held between the alumni, undergraduates, and prospective members of the undergraduate chapter. It is an opportunity for the alumni to meet the prospective members who are undergoing the intake process to become members of the undergraduate chapter. For the prospects, it is an opportunity to gain exposure to the history and traditions of the chapter. This event averages around 50-60 people in attendance.