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UCSD Family Day

Brothers and Family, Our annual UCSD NAK Family Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th. This day is reserved for our UCSD NAK brothers, undergrads and alumni, to come together and enjoy a day with all our family members and our expanded family, our NAK familia. Our Alumni Association will be hosting this event in Mission Bay, exact location to be determined. Bring your wives, kids, brothers, sisters and significant others and join us in another fun family event. This event is a potluck event. If possible, we ask everyone to sign up and bring a dish or any other food/drink/item to contribute to the event. Our Alumni Association typically contributes burgers, hot dogs and some refreshments but we encourage everyone to bring a side item. The more the merrier.

by the alumni association

1st Annual Summer Billiards Fundraiser

On behalf of the Alumni Association, we want to thank everyone that contributed towards our first annual summer billiards fundraiser! It was a fun and successful event! We raised $355 towards our 15th year anniversary formal coming up in January. Congratulations to Alex Vasquez! He has won two Billiard Championship tournaments in a row! We also had a consolation bracket. The winner of this bracket was Abel! Congratulations to both of you! We hope to continue to host billiard fundraisers in the future. It’s always great to bring our brothers together for some competitive fun but also for fundraising purposes critical for the sustainability of our organization.

by the alumni association

Alumni rush event

Alumni, fall quarter is about to begin for our undergrad chapter. As we do annually, our undergrad chapter schedules a day during their rush week for our alumni to visit their prospective interests for us to share some of our experiences and stories as a brother of Nu Alpha Kappa. It’s always valuable for our prospective interests to observe how far our brotherhood extends beyond college. Our stories from our older alumni are always entertaining and captivating. The participation effort of our alumni during this event also demonstrates how well and clos, we as alumni, work together with our undergrad chapter. Brothers, please join us in support of our future generations and Nu Alpha Kappa prospective brothers.

by the alumni association

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