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Strong foundation, bright future

It’s true. There are some active fraternities that only serve to distract their members with parties, excessive drinking, and social events. These fraternities are the ones the media notices, the ones you hear stories about, and the ones you think of when someone asks about collegiate Greek Life. While it may seem that we spend much of our time attempting to separate our image from “them”, as an active Greek Organization, we really need to remember only a few, simple truths. At our recent Alumni Association workshops, during the Founding Fathers panel discussion, Michael Sanchez brought up a good point: “we did not need a fraternity to party”.

But Nu Alpha Kappa at the University of California, San Diego does not just attract freshmen looking to make friends. We have a history of active members joining our fraternity well into their undergraduate careers as 3rd, 4th, or even 5th years. I can list a couple of bros that joined the frat in their last year as a UCSD undergraduate, and then went to on to contribute to the growth of the chapter, well after they left San Diego…(view more)

by Marco Salazar de Leon

Alumni Association’s 3rd Annual Workshops

Another year, another great event! This year’s workshops event was organized and hosted by Marco Salazar De Leon. Marco, a recently new alumnus, stepped up to the plate and took on the leading role to organize our 3rd annual Alumni workshops event. This event was well planned and well organized with several new and intriguing topics we all benefited from.This year, one of our workshops included an outside speaker Marco coordinated to come in and present for our Resume/Networking workshop. Kat Hammelman, our resume workshop presenter, brought first hand knowledge on what recruiters, HR and companies look for in resumes and potential new employees. She went over important points to improve resumes and even used some of our brothers’ submitted resumes to display some of the mistakes we typically make on our resumes. This workshop was tremendously important for our undergrad brothers looking to find their first job, those graduating and entering the “real” world and even alumni who are always looking to further improve their careers.Another great presentation very helpful in managing our economic life, especially during a turbulent economic state, was presented by Benjamin Rodriguez, a three year alumnus who has plenty of financial experience in the real world. Ben went over a variety of financial topics including debt, the power (or lack there of) that comes from credit, and budgeting. His presentation provided a quick overview on how to manage our money, budget our finances, and financial changes we can make when times are tough…(view more) by Octavio Ochoa

Husky Heart Interview with Edgar Melendrez

If you haven’t heard of Husky Heart you can hear all about it straight from the man himself, Edgar Melendrez. In his first ever Husky Heart interview Edgar shares his motivation to start a running team and his 180 Project, the tough issues he has faced maintaining his new healthy lifestyle and more insight behind his love for running. View his interview here *link*




View his Husky Heart Blog at…

Interview by Octavio Ochoa 

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