Undergraduate Scholarships

Recognizing the achievements of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity undergraduates is one of the primary objectives for the UCSD NAK Alumni Association. The Alumni Association has established the UCSD NAK AA Scholarship Fund, which serves the purpose of rewarding excellence. The scholarships will be given to individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to NAK's three primary goals: Academics, Brotherhood and Culture. 

Please see the attached document for eligibility criteria, applications details, and instructions.

2014 Scholarship Application 
The scholarship is for two individuals, one for the science group and one for the non-science.  The awards are for $300-$500 each.
Past Scholarship Winners:

2013 - Roger Bustillos (Biology), Andrew Ramirez (Structural Engineering)
2012 - Johnny Pascual (Physiology and Cognitive Science),  John Torres (Math/Economics), Roger Bustillos (Biology)
2011 - Gerardo Jaimes (Ethnic Studies)
2010 - Gerardo Jaimes (Ethnic Studies), Robert Espinoza (Economics)
2009 - Cisco Meza (Biology), Roberto Espinoza (Economics), Gerardo Jaimes (Ethnic Studies)
2008 - John Cardenas (Ethnic Studies)
2007 - John Cardenas (Ethnic Studies)