Active Alumni

     The UCSD NAK Alumni Association was created in July, 1999 as a grass roots effort to organize our alumni. We take pride in our democratic traditions - all decisions are decided by the members themselves. We seek to serve as a hub where all UCSD NAK Alumni resources can be found and utilized.
     As organized Alumni, we seek to offer resources that enable the individual to progress and advance. These resources have included, but are not limited to, academic support to undergraduates, mentorship opportunities, Industry guidance, résumé building and consulting, and Job recommendations and referrals.
     Our belief is that from a group of individuals, with different histories and different capacities, an organization of professionals can rise to serve their community as role models and mentors.

Executive Board

President: Erik Flores

Vice President: Gerardo Jaimes

Treasurer: Carlos Ramirez

Secretary: Brian Favela

Director of Membership: Edgar Melendrez/Roger Bustillos

Director of Community Relations: Bryan Campos

Director of Communications: Leonardo Rayon

Undergrad Advisor: Roger Bustillos

Project Manager: Enrique Gonzalez





Bronze Members

Abel Gutierrez
Adrian Solis
Alejandro Vasquez
Edgar Melendrez
Elmer Portillo
Flavio Araiza
Jose Alcala
Miguel A. Rodriguez
Gabriel Gutierrez
Prisciliano Flores
Bryan Campos

White Members

Amado Berrios
Brian Favela
Gerardo Jaimes
German Licon
Jose R. Lara
Mario Mejia
Stephen Bak

 Red Members

Antonio Michel
Erik Flores
Enrique Gonzalez
Phillip Garcia
Roger Bustillos
Sandeep Chouksey
Vicenter Hernandez
Alfredo Lopez
Carlos Ramirez